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Home of interiors came up with an out of box demand to integrate their Shopify products into ebay store. Additionally, they also wanted eBay store & listing design that would match their Shopify store.
Home of Interiors Shop & Listing Template

Integrating and matching an already existing Shopify store with an eBay store was quite challenging. The reason was upfront. Shopify is a big eCommerce marketplace with its own customer base and selling standard. On the other hand eBay is an old player in this field. So to match both of them was kind of an interesting job too. However that wasn't the main concern. To live up to the expectations of each marketplace that is Shopify and eBay both was the real pain. In addition, the product line was also very delicate. The seller is dealing in home furnishing products. The basic problem of such products is if they aren't presented gorgeously they fail to make an impression. And we all know how difficult it is to bounce back once we fail online.

  • Shopify product integration
  • Manage clients out of box demand
  • Match Shopify theme with eBay
  • Deal with a delicate product line
  • Make the eBay store look premium
  • Providing user-friendly shopping experience

In this design we tried a few things in a total different way. First, we moved the logo in the center dividing the main menu into two. Kind of making it visually attractive. The second important thing was inserting a sliding banners. We wanted the seller to showcase premium products as a token of welcome or say first interaction with the customers. Third thing we experimented with the store category. A mix of product images, fonts, vectors and arrows did the job nicely in the store category section.

If you look closely, instead of infinite product scrolling we limited it into category and brand new items. Sometimes endless product scrolling makes the shopping experience look very ugly. For example, Amazon. Even this ecommerce giant is bared itself from endless scrolling. Instead amazon is using horizontal product sliders instead of verticial in a very constrain fashion. All this togather gives a brilliant user experience.

Shopify integration was easy. It's a user-friendly interface that allows seemless integration. Hence, immigrating Shopify products to eBay was not a big hustle for the team. The seller's product range is huge in number. Hence, it was essential to making their store look professional and premium. The client is happy and so we are too.

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  • Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! Their turnaround time is excellent.
    - Garnette L. 2 months ago
  • I STRONGLY recommend ebayShopDesign to EVERYONE interested in running a successful eBay business! These guys are awesome.
    - Maible T. 1 months ago
  • Design are easy to install & use. Moreover their support service is fast. We've seen amazing results already. Best. Ever.
    - Herschel4 months ago
  • They were extremely prompt and professional. A real joy to work with eBayShopDesign. I am giving him much more work and recommend him to everyone I know.
    - Amin S.1 Day ago
  • Extremely helpful and goes a long way to satisfy their clients. They are enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend eBayShopDesign.
    - Omaer c.1 Day ago
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