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Designing an eBay store for a very unique product that comes from defense sector was really a big challenge for our team.
Israel Defense Store Shop & Listing Template

Israel defense store is the brainchild of two IDF veterans with a background of defense and a sharp mind to do an online business. The challenges were huge. We needed to present products in such a way that would not offend visitors or buyer. Why we are using the word offend? Because the store name included the word defense. Now someone who comes across the word defense would think that the seller is only dealing into arms and ammunition. But that was not the fact. Israel defense store too sells winter gears, scout boots, t-shirts, etc. In addition their sales were also dim. So that was also an upfront task for our team to increase their sales.

  • Win visitors trust
  • Integrate & match defense theme
  • Custom variations in listing
  • Keep a soft military tone
  • A perfect mixture of design & color
  • Grab buyers attention in the first fold
  • Segmentation of the store skillfully
  • Increase product sales
  • Enrich product portfolio
  • Mobile responsive store & listings

Instead of diverting away from the defense theme we actually integrated it in the ebay store & listing design. Yes, we painted the store with benchmark military color. Our idea was to present a very friendly store to the buyers. Hence, to do this we used military green shades from light to dark across the store graphics and elements. Furthermore, we planned to make the entire store look like a mini eBay website. To do this we segmented the first fold of the store into two parts viz banners and navigation menus.

The idea was plain and simple - to grab visitors attention at the navigation menu and make believe them that the seller is selling some very fantastic products that would interest them. This way the first impression meant really important for the seller. But our team perfectly did their job skillfully.

A perfect mix of design and color combo elevated their sales dramatically. Right now they have a steady sales of $6000 per month (80% increase in sales). In the beginning they had only 100 products but since they got in touch with us their product portfolio has also increased. The best part about this eBay seller is they inaugrated a second ebay store and our team has done the designing work for that store too.

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  • Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! Their turnaround time is excellent.
    - Garnette L. 2 months ago
  • I STRONGLY recommend ebayShopDesign to EVERYONE interested in running a successful eBay business! These guys are awesome.
    - Maible T. 1 months ago
  • Design are easy to install & use. Moreover their support service is fast. We've seen amazing results already. Best. Ever.
    - Herschel4 months ago
  • They were extremely prompt and professional. A real joy to work with eBayShopDesign. I am giving him much more work and recommend him to everyone I know.
    - Amin S.1 Day ago
  • Extremely helpful and goes a long way to satisfy their clients. They are enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend eBayShopDesign.
    - Omaer c.1 Day ago
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