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Creed Romance is a huge brand dealing in fragrances on eBay. They are not only limited to fragrances but they also deal with luxury bath products.
Creed Romance Shop & Listing Template

Before Creed Romance contacted us their branding profile was almost low. Moreover, their eBay store and listing design were not in the right place. The thumb rule of attracting visitors to your eBay store is to have a truly engaging design that not only converts visitors into buyers but also reinstate a trust factor that will keep them coming again and again. In short, we strategized three things for Creed Fragrance - An excellent brand logo, an impeccable eBay store design, and a user-friendly eBay listing template.

  • Brand build from scratch
  • Reinstate a trust factor in the brand
  • Grab as many eyeballs as we could
  • Convince and convert visitors into loyal buyers
  • Attractive eBay store design
  • User-friendly eBay listing design
  • Intelligent integration of color in store elements
  • Increase followers & positive feedbacks
  • Designing a memorable brand logo

Like we said Creed Romance had a low brand profile hence, our core challenge was to build it up from scratch. To do this we came up with a white color background across the whole design with a pinch of Hot Pink shades. Now the color red was intelligently used in some very specific areas like the logo, search button, icons, call-to-action-buttons, and important texts.

All these together gave a very soothing experience to visitors. In this way, it was easy to not only attract customers but also convert them into paying buyers. Within a short time of the store makeover Creed Romance started getting results.

Currently they have 5000+ positive customer feedback. They have substantially increased their follow base by 1000+ on eBay UK store. In a way we can say that we helped successfully created a brand with our designs.

Selling Increased
Visitor Converted Into Buyers
Daily Visitors
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  • Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! Their turnaround time is excellent.
    - Garnette L. 2 months ago
  • I STRONGLY recommend ebayShopDesign to EVERYONE interested in running a successful eBay business! These guys are awesome.
    - Maible T. 1 months ago
  • Design are easy to install & use. Moreover their support service is fast. We've seen amazing results already. Best. Ever.
    - Herschel4 months ago
  • They were extremely prompt and professional. A real joy to work with eBayShopDesign. I am giving him much more work and recommend him to everyone I know.
    - Amin S.1 Day ago
  • Extremely helpful and goes a long way to satisfy their clients. They are enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend eBayShopDesign.
    - Omaer c.1 Day ago
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